USB Security Suite Enterprise

Corporate network security

Dynamikode USB Security Suite Enterprise is the all-in-one tool to prevent data theft in your network with easy deployment to hundreds of PCs. It helps network administrators disable USB ports, monitor USB drives activity, and remove autorun viruses with no hassle.

This solution is composed of two components: server and client.


Easy Installation

The server component is a standalone Windows Service (doesn't need IIS) that can be installed in minutes on any of newer Windows versions (Windows 7+, Windows Server 2008+). SQLite (for small deployments) or SQL Server (for larger number of client machines) are used as database. If you don't have a licensed version of SQL Server, free Express edition is enough for majority of cases.

Web Interface

Access status of clients and USB-related events (such as confidential files duplicated) through a responsive web interface on your computer or mobile. Depending on the configuration of your server and network, it is possible to access this information from outside the organization (only if you want to).

Minimal Configuration Changes

The only change the server component needs is an open port on the server. All client-server communication and also accessing the web interface is done over this port.


Autorun Remover

Blocks Autorun viruses at their entry point. It automatically scans any USB disk attached to corporate computers, and removes Autorun viruses after analyzing them for suspicious contents or attributes. It is just like an offline antivirus with no need for signature updates.

Activity Logger

Monitors USB ports and logs activity on all types of USB drives. It logs USB connect, disconnect, copy, delete, rename, etc. with time and date plus file name and the path it was copied to, username and original path of the file (if possible). Easily find out if sensitive information is being taken out of the organization.

USB Security Suite is the only product on the market that can monitor MTP devices such as Android smartphones and digital cameras. So even if someone tries to copy your confidential files to their cell phone, it is logged.


Locks USB ports and blocks all USB drives, preventing people from stealing your valuable data.

Hidden Mode

Can optionally run in hidden mode, with no tray icon and no messages displayed.

Customized MSI Installer

We will build a customized MSI installer for easy deployment through Active Directory and SCCM. All your preferred settings will be integrated into the installer.

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Showing list of clients in Security Suite
Viewing list of connected and disconnected clients

Showing list of events in Security Suite
Viewing list of events such as copying confidential files by employees to USB devices